It began with a dream in 1987 to become self-employed marketing consultants. From those early beginnings, Venzel Communications has added clients, gained experience in a variety of industries, and grown to our present location near historic downtown Perrysburg, Ohio.

Today, Venzel Communications offers full-service marketing from planning to finished product. Whether it’s online or offline work, our goal is to make the job easier for our clients while developing long-term relationships.

Problem Solvers

We’ve helped a variety of clients in education, health care, business, financial services, and manufacturing. Whether it was business-to-business, business-to-consumer, non-profit, or for-profit clients, our portfolio covers them all.

1-on-1 Planning

We begin with research to understand a client’s markets, their audience profiles, and key messages. Planning drives the marketing tools we develop.


The brand is a client’s perceived appearance across multiple platforms. Our professionally developed brand strategies go beyond a logo and tagline

Integrated Marketing

A multi-faceted campaign cuts through the clutter. It can include print materials — like brochures and direct marketing pieces — broadcast commercials, digital advertising, websites, videos, photography, and public relations.

Full Service

Our work involves developing verbiage, taking photographs, finding stock imagery, designing concepts, and producing the final marketing vehicles.

Relationship Marketing

Every client has unique needs and markets. We develop long-term relationships to better understand their needs as they grow.