Our portfolio covers clients in the market sectors of education, health care, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and business. Whether you are a non-profit organization or a for-profit business, we have the marketing experience in both. Take a look at our work.

Integrated Campaigns

An integrated campaign involves careful planning and the use of multiple, interrelated elements to reinforce the client’s theme and message. Campaigns can encompass online and offline items such as branding, direct marketing, ads, websites, and public relations. 


Branding begins with an identifiable logo and grows to integrate elements such as a tagline, colors, key phrases used in messaging, music, professional spokespersons, and more. They all tie together to create your brand.


Newsletters allow you to tell your story in greater depth covering key topics using real people. They can be mailed via the USPS or sent electronically in a digital format.

Direct Marketing

Direct mail allows you to deliver your message in a very personal way right to the mailbox of a targeted household or individual who must handle the mailer at some point. A physical piece can also be delivered electronically or posted online.


Reach your audience with digital or print ads that have a specific message. Or, create a series of ads that integrate together. Digital ads can be placed using a media schedule or posted to your social media accounts. They can also be developed as static or animated ads or pre-roll videos.


Print items serve as excellent leave-behind pieces that can be used for future reference while serving as a reminder of your brand. Sometimes it’s easier to view a printed item rather than viewing it digitally.


When someone wants to learn more details about an organization or brand, they typically turn to your website. It’s important to have an up-to-date site that capitalizes on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your social media accounts then serve to tell people current news about your organization.


Nothing tops the experience of appealing to the senses with the moving imagery and sounds of video. Capture the retrospective history of your organization or createrecruitment videos. They can be used at major events, posted to your social media accounts, or used as pre-roll videos in a paid digital ad campaign.


Are you celebrating the anniversary of your business or organization? Holding a groundbreaking or ribbon cutting ceremony? We can help with the promotion as well as event signage and visual materials.

Problem Solvers

We’ve helped a variety of clients in education, health care, business, financial services, and manufacturing. Whether it was business-to-business, business-to-consumer, non-profit, or for-profit clients, our portfolio covers them all.

1-on-1 Planning

We begin with research to understand a client’s markets, their audience profiles, and key messages. Planning drives the marketing tools we develop.


The brand is a client’s perceived appearance across multiple platforms. Our professionally developed brand strategies go beyond a logo and tagline

Integrated Marketing

A multi-faceted campaign cuts through the clutter. It can include print materials — like brochures and direct marketing pieces — broadcast commercials, digital advertising, websites, videos, photography, and public relations.

Full Service

Our work involves developing verbiage, taking photographs, finding stock imagery, designing concepts, and producing the final marketing vehicles.

Relationship Marketing

Every client has unique needs and markets. We develop long-term relationships to better understand their needs as they grow.